Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life’s five lessons amongst the many more…

A Very Happy New Year 2016 to all my blog readers!

At the start of each year, I list down my goals, diligently. Though I do try to accomplish them, many a times I do not accomplish all of my goals.

Nevertheless, I do learn many lessons out of my experiences during the course of the year. Here are some of the five lessons I have learnt in 2015 besides many more…

Lesson 1: Gratitude. Since childhood, I could always remember the good deeds others had done towards me. And I have realized that these are blessings from the Divine showered on me. Thus I have decided to have gratitude in life, towards the various people who have touched my life in many ways which may be small acts of kindness, respect or love and be thankful for this.

Lesson 2: Problems. It is basic human tendency to shun problems and run away from them instead of tackling these. However this is all in the mind. If one decides to face the problems headlong and tackle it, it no longer remains a problem. So I have decided to remove the word ‘problem’ from my life’s dictionary.

Lesson 3: No to negative thoughts. I remember my Dad used to always tell us since childhood to ‘Be Positive’ and the Gods will listen to you by blessing you. What a beautiful thought! I am convinced that with positive thoughts, positive vibrations emanate around our surroundings, which in turn, drive off  negativity! 
Yes to being positive, No to being negative!

Lesson 4: Uplift yourself and others. I have come across some great women and men in my life from whom I have learnt one key lesson – treat others with respect and help the needy. Your status does not matter, the way one treats others with respect, matters most and I hope to continue so…

Lesson 5: Smile, yes, I have seen that a simple smile does wonders by breaking barriers. I feel sad when I see some persons who cannot smile or who try hard and refrain from smiling. Who does not like smiling faces?  Smile often!

This post is written for Indispire Edition 98: What are the 5 Lessons 2015 has taught you? #Lessonslearntin2015.

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