Friday, December 18, 2015

Up scaled bookmarks!

Many of us love reading books. I am one of them. Keeping a track of the pages which have been read, always becomes a challenge for me.  Seems that I cannot trust my memory… That is when, bookmarks come to my rescue.

Every time I see some stiff packaging materials, which I have to discard after taking its contents, I feel bad about it's wastage. Some examples are cereal carton boxes, boxes in which we receive gifts.  
And I invariably end up saving these cardboards to make bookmarks.  I have made bookmarks from airline tags too, these come in very handy as they already have the elastic tage attached to it.

Recently one of my dear friends, from Israel, Liraz, gifted my daughter a cosmetic set, which came in a beautiful box, which I have reused to make these bookmarks.

Here is a glimpse of some of the bookmarks I made for this festive season, to be shared with loved ones! I am glad that I could upscale the beautifully designed cardboard instead of throwing it out.

I encourage all my blog readers to reduce, recycle and reuse items in the best way they can!  

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