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Bye Santa, welcome New Year!

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We have bid Santa farewell and have ushered in the New Year 2015!

Though this comes a bit late, I would like to wish all my readers 'A Very Happy New Year, filled with good health and positivity!

And here is some sweet inspiration for the New Year ahead....

Bidding adieu!

Wish this was not perishable!

Book Review #1: ‘ 'Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams'

I have been planning to post my book reviews for a very long time and finally am embarking on this journey, with my first book review of 'Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams' .  An apt book, to start with! It is a sequel to the book, ‘Rise of the Sun Prince.’

Thanks to Blogadda, for inspiring me to participate in their book review program.
Since childhood I have been skipping through the pages of ‘The Ramayana’ , the great Indian epic book which we had in our home ‘mini’ library. And every time, I would just manage to read one or two lines and try to make sense of sentences listed in the book. Then I would ponder and say to myself ‘Hmm, I guess I will understand this great story which seems to inspire many, in my old age” However, I must say this myth has been demystified upon reading, 'Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams' .

The day I received it, I was hooked to it. The book explains the epic story in a lucid manner correlating the various events to today modern era scenario. The detailed footnotes on each and every page explain the significance of the event and/ or the decisions taken in a particular plot. These are then correlated to the events which take place in a common man’s life! Utmost care has been taken to explain the minutest event and its significance in our daily lives. The valuable explanatory footnotes and notes itself could be compiled into a book of ‘life’s lessons’.

Shubha Vilas has explained the story of Ramayana in such minute detail that I could literally visualize this great story being enacted before me. The flow of the story line is very lucid and comprehensible. Her description of the various characters in the epic, Rama, Sita, Dasaratha, Kaikeyi, Manthara, Lakshmana etc are very descriptive, which give the impressions of a real life human story. As I was reading the book page by page, I could see the whole story unfold before me in a smooth sequence.

Each and every character and event in the story have been described in utmost detail. Here are to name just a few: the state of mind of Dasaratha before the coronation of Rama; his fears and apprehensions; Manthara trying to poison Kaikeyi’s mind; Kaikeyi conveying her wishes to Dasaratha; his reaction to her weird demands; Rama’s cool reaction to Kaikeyi’s outrageous wishes; Lakshmana’s demeanour; Rama, Sita and Lakshmana’s exile to the forest, Bharata’s encounter with Rama in the forest, their experiences with regards to the forest life and the various incidents during their exile.

Also,  I was glad that in some instances, the advanced scientific vision of our ancestors has been clearly visible in this book, e.g Ravana’s vimana which could fly anywhere in the world.

This book is a must read for today’s youth. It tends to give a sense of direction to the confused youth seeking salvation. It channelizes the readers to ponder and overcome the dilemmas faced in today’s modern world. . It shows us the path and the true meaning of living a happy and complete life!

Shubha has simplified a complex epic like ‘Ramayana’ wherein the common man can understand the general philosophy of life. A book meant to educate the modern soul and contribute towards the overall well-being of mankind…..

I eagerly look forward towards the next sequel, Book 3. And in the mean time, plan to read the first book, Book 1, ‘Rise of the Sun Prince.’

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