The Indian food trail

During my young years, I was not fascinated by cooking rather preferred to taste and relish different delicacies, prepared by by mother. But now, I love to experiment and try new India vegetarian recipes, whenever I get time, especially on the weekends. I would be sharing my culinary experiments along with the visual treats. I would love to share the recipes, if requested by any of my readers.

Enjoy the Indian culinary visual treat !!

The Indian dal (made of yellow grams/lentils, a common dish prepared for lunch)

Chewda made of rice flakes and with added assortments (an evening crunchy snack)

Sunday breakfast - Stuffed Aloo (Potato) Paratha (Indian bread) with Kala Vatana bhaji (Black peas curry) and
home made yogurt
Vanilla cake (eggless) - My daughter's favorite as she can loves to help me in spurts whilst baling cakes

Gobi manchurian (cauliflower dumplings in tangy sauce)

Paratha (stuffed with cauliflower) with Aloo bhaji (Potato curry)

Tomato chutney (Andhra style)

Vegetable cutlets

Nankhatai (crunchy biscuits)

Chanadal (grams) tikke

Potlakai pacchadi (in Telugu) - Snakegourd and Curd chutney

Palak (Spinach) pakoras
Samosas (Wheat dumplings stuffed with potato)
Shimla mirch pakoras (Gram dal flour and capsium fritters)
Puri bhaji (Wheat flour/Refined flour preparation fried in oil and curry)
Dosa - Famous South Indian breakfast

Upma (the all time favorite breakfast dish and the most easiest/fastest one too)

Pesarattu (Green lentils dosa) with groundnut chutney poweder and kandi podi (gram dal powder or gun powder)
Sev bhel (the popular tangy snack)
Onion pakoras (fritters)
The favorite quick breakfast - Upma

            Baigan bhajji (Brinjal - gram flour fritters)     


Uttapam - the popular satiating South Indian breakfast dish

Pav bhaji - the famous Maharastrian breakfast dish