Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Auto Rickshaw trail!

Today, on our way to work in the morning, we spotted two richly decorated auto rickshaw’s chasing their way towards Panjim city. In it, were some Indians and foreigners, who seemed to be amused and enjoying the ride! It was a wonderful sight to behold! 

This reminded me of The Times Passion trail: Auto Rickshaw Trail to be held from January 31st  to February 6th from Mumbai to Goa, which I recently read about. But this seemed to be another auto rikshaw race….As there seemed to be a number on the rickshaw: 82. I wished that I could be in one of these rickshaws….

It is always fun to ride in an auto rickshaw. Nostalgic memories flood past as I remember my childhood days. As kids, we used to ride in an auto rickshaw from the train station to our relatives places, when we used to visit them during our vacation. And the moment we used to sit in the rickshaw, we would be amused and thrilled to take the joy ride. Though it used to be bumpy, it was always fun! I am still childishly amused every time I sit in a rickshaw…

On each of my visits to Mumbai (considerably often) I don’t miss the opportunity to ride in an 'auto' (short term for an 'autorickshaw')!!

Here is a snap shot of the details listed about the Times Passion Auto Rickshaw Trail on their website. To register, please visit the website:

Time for a fun auto rickshaw ride….You can participate too! 

I hope to participate in at least  any one of The Times Passion Trails, this year...


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