Friday, January 15, 2016

Chotta Bheem Himalayan Adventure - Movie review

My daughter always wanted to watch a Chotta Bheem series on big screen. She has been a fan of this adventurous cartoon, Chotta Bheem and his gang of friends for a very long time! So when the movie was released last week, she was excited to watch it!

My daughter, Shreya's collection of Chotta Bheem and his gang of friends.
Last Saturday, she and I watched the 90 minute thrilling movie, which kept us engaged through the entire movie.

The animation was wonderful depicting the scenes of snowcapped mountains and scenery of the famous hillstation of India, Manali in a beautiful way. The flow of the movie was smooth, though for an adult like me, it seemed slow paced. 
The theatre hall was filled with children of varied age groups.

Children will love this fun filled movie interspersed with jokes and antics by Chotta Bheem and his seven friends, Chutki, Indumati, Jaggu, Bholu, Dholu, Raju and Kalia. My daughter loved it.
So did I!

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