Friday, November 13, 2015

Gobelin bags!

Yet another post about bags!

Many years back, when I visited the early morning farmer’s market in Ulm, I came across a beautiful cloth bag, with the image of cute dogs on it. Since then I have been earnestly waiting to buy some more. Finally, I learnt these are called Gobelin bags. 

Later I discovered these bags in a small quaint shop in Ulm (each bag cost: 10 Euros), in Salzburg (where I got these bags for a very good bargain: 5 Euros each) and later in Brugges at a quaint and beautifully stocked shop called Serena (for a much lower price of 4.90 Euros per bag)! 


These bags and purses come in a variety of natural prints with eye catchy images of flowers, animals and natural beauty. The texture of these fabrics is beautiful and each of these bags are different. I can never have enough of these bags.

*Its history dates back to the 15th century, when a Gobelin family dyers, established themselves in the Faubourg Saint Marcel in Paris on the banks of River Bievre.

The first head of the firm, Jehan, discovered a peculiar kind of scarlet dyestuff, and named it gobelin.  And started making tapestries. This factory was purchased by Jean-Baptiste Colbert on behalf of Louis XIV and was named Goelins Manufactory. This royal factrory started supplying tapestries and related items to the court of Lous XIV and the later monarch. Now it is run by the French Ministry of Culture . Guided tours in the afternoons are offered by appointment, except on Mondays and some specific holidays.
A coin purse

*Source: Wikepedia

Jute is Cute!

Bag review # 1

As my love for bags grows day by day, so does my love for lunch bags as I prefer to carry homemade lunch to work every day (isn’t it a healthy choice too?)

Two weeks back on my way to Warsaw for a business meeting, I happened to stop by a beautiful handicraft store at the Mumbai international airport. I could not stop myself from picking up a wonderful ‘newspaper themed’ jute bag – Jute News. And was pleased with the quality of the bag and to read its contents, which I have reproduced below for your perusal.

A wonderful array of tag lines adorn this bag like:
Use Jute.
Connect with Nature.
Global Eco News.
Bring home a bit of Nature from Jute Cottage.
Jute is Environment friendly and 100 % biodegradable.
Keep nature intact. Use Jute.
Use Jute, save our Planet.
Jute ‘the Golden Fibre’

Here are some of the facts about Jute, listed on the bag:
- Jute Industry engages 4 million Farmers and 2,30,000 Workers.
- When jute sacks are disposed they are re-processed into yarn or felt, used as compost and landfill.
- Jute contributes US $180 million towards our foreign exchange earnings.
- Our food grains and sugar need 6,21,000 metric tons of jute to keep them safe.
- Jute grows well in low land. It requires plenty of rainfall. Jute grows most in India and Bangladesh.

These jute bags are marketed by Jute Cottage (which has a corporate office at Bangalore) whose punchline is: Jute is Cute! JUTE COTTAGE Bags are strong, functional, trendy, fashionable, re-usable and of course - CUTE.

It has launched its exclusive range of environment friendly Jute handbags, slippers, jewelry, table mats, wallets, purses, wall hangings, durries, corporate files and folders, stationary and table top accessories.

They also execute bulk made to order bags with customized company name and logo printing. For further details visit their website: