Friday, December 11, 2015

The “Golden Fibre”

Visiting handicraft stores and admiring the craft of the talented artisans is one of my favorite hobbies. Last month, I happened to stop by a handicraft store at the Mumbai International airport. And could not resist buying a cute jute lunch bag. I was very impressed with the way it was designed – as if it was made from a newspaper!

And the good part was, it listed the advantages about of jute and its related news…
Jute is Cute!
Jute News
Here are some of the facts about Jute:

1) Jute industry engages 4 million farmers and 2, 30,000 workers.

2) When jute sacks are disposed, they are re-processed into yarn or      felt, used as compost and landfill. Thus it is very ecofriendly.

3)  Jute contributes towards USD $180 million towards our foreign      exchange earnings.

4)  Our food grains and sugar need 6, 21,000 metric tons of jute to        keep them safe.

5)  Jute grows well in lowland. It requires plenty of rainfall. It              grows mainly in India and Bangladesh.

6)  Jute is also used in making paper.

7)  India is the largest producer and consumer of jute in the world!

8)  Bangladesh is the largest exporter of jute fiber in the world!

These jute bags and other jute products are sold by Jute Cottage whose promotional phrase is : Jute is Cute.

For more information, please visit their website:

My love for ecofriendly bags continues….

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