Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Most Nutritious Indian Breakfast!

Recently the ‘Times of India’ conducted a survey (published August 30, 2013) on ‘ India’s Breakfast Habits’ in four metro cities, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, and found that 3 idlis, a bowl of sambhar and a tumbler of filter coffee is the most nutritious breakfast !
Traditionally, idli’s are prepared in most of the South Indian (especially in states like Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh) households almost every day or every week. It is one of my favorite breakfast dishes.
Idlis with puthana dal chutney, mini idlis for juniors - my nephew loves these!

One of the favorite accompaniments with Idlis - split chick peas (puthana dal/dalia in Hindi) chutney
Why idli’s are the best breakfast choice? Here are some answers which make it the most preferred morning (or evening) meal/snack (some even prefer to have it for dinner):
a)      Simple to make (provided the idli batter is fermented and ready to be added in the idli moulds - to be steamed)
b)      Fat free - as it is steam cooked.
c)      Most nutritious and complete meal- rice (carbohydrate source) and urad dal (adds to the protein value)
d)      One feels satiated on eating this meal…no need to binge in between…..
e)      It is light on the pocket and waistlineJ
f)       Thus affordable and healthy!

Food is our common ground, an universal experience.
-          James Beard

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