Friday, November 29, 2013

A Hundred Hands!

Beautiful coir handicrafts of Pipli, Orissa
 Handicrafts – handmade by beautiful hands .....
I always loved handicrafts and happened to read about a beautiful event being held in Bangalore to promote handicrafts and the artisans.

The Handmade collective - The only festival of all things handmade is back for the 4th year with over 65 Artists & Groups.....says the home page of the website:

This festival is being held in Bangalore from 27th -30th November 2013.
Venue: The Kocchar Institute, St. John’s Church Road, Opposite Kendriya Vidyalaya, MEG, Bangalore.

A Hundred Hands is a nonprofit trust whose mission is to help those directly involved in the creation of handmade art, crafts and homemade foods, to earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work.

For more details, please visit their website:

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