Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Largest bangles market in India !

Part I

It is simply enticing, you are tempted to buy more and more ! This is what all my friends who visited the bangle market in Charminar had said to me several times. And I vouch this fact.
One of the many lanes lined with bangle shops.
Upon entering the shop.....dazzling array
As I entered Laad bazaar, one of the many bazaars in Charminar area of Old city of Hyderabad (erstwhile!) also known as Chudi (bangle in Hindi) bazaar, Meena bazaar, I was attracted towards the numerous shops displaying a range of attractive bangles in varied colors and hues ! It is said that this bazaar was established by a lady, Ladli Begum. The bangle shops have feminine names like, Ladli, Gehna, Nagma etc.
Upon entering the shops (one needs to decide which of the shops to enter), the bangles are displayed elegantly in glass cabinets and the salesmen ensure that you are spoilt with a choice of beautiful bangles at very economical price (you need to bargain hard!)
This bazaar houses around 350 bangle shops. The price of bangles can range from Rupees 100 to Rupees 5,000 per pair.

Metallic bangles

Decorated with beads and more

Colorful glass bangles
The colorful lot
To be continued...

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