Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why is cooking spiritual?

With passing time, I have realized that in order to prepare a tasty meal or even a single dish, one needs to invest time and concentrate on the cooking process itself ! And unitask… slow down…

I salute to all the mothers and fathers (which may be rare….) who have dedicated their immense time in cooking, for years at a stretch….to ensure their kids and their loved ones, eat tasty and healthy food !

Traditional Andhra Pulihara (Lemon rice, also called Tamarind rice)

We all love to eat good tasty food, but it is’nt imperative that we all of us love to cook too. This is because each one of us is not aware of the joy of cooking.

Samosas (stuffed fried vegetable dumplings), a popular snack
In the words of Marguerite Theophil, cooking is an art and a practice. It is the time when we learn to slow down and pay attention, engage the senses and the body in a way that reminds us of the gifts of life and beauty all around us. While cooking we are so directly, immediately and blessedly in touch with God’s creation, generosity and blessings.
Pastor John O’Hara writes that cooking ....“teaches us to live in sync with the rhythms of the Creator”

Zen Buddhist teachers from ancient times teach that cooking like life, is about transformation.

To prepare the food is to prepare yourself. To refine the food is to refine your own practice.
-Zen Master Dogen