Friday, July 26, 2013

Save the Frog Campaign !

I came across a pamphlet distributed in Margao, Goa, last month in June (by when the rainy season had set in Goa, the peak season when frogs are most active), which read as follows: 

Dear Consumer

Do you know that Frogs in Goa are almost extinct ?

Frogs feed on mosquitoes responsible for malaria and other vector borne diseases ?

The indiscriminate killing of frogs for their meat is an ecological crime against the food chain and is the cause of the drastic decline of their population.

Catching, killing and eating of frogs is banned under the Wildlife(protection)Act 1972.

So be an environmentally conscious consumer and make a DIFFERENCE by saying NO to frog meat. 

Issued in public interest by:
GOACAN Post Box 187,
Margao  403601