Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas fervor in Japan

Last week, I happened to witness the Christmas decorations in Nagoya, Japan. December 25, is not an official holiday in Japan. However, the big commercial corporations do decorate their buildings and the surrounding areas. And there are celebrations around.... 
December 23 happens to be a national holiday in Japan as it is the current Emperor Akihito's birthday.

It is believed that Christmas was first celebrated in Japan since 1549 when Saint Francis Xavier visited Japan. Though the first recorded Christmas was a mass held by the Jesuit missionaries in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1552, in Japan.


Santa's coming...


Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer

Richly decorated Christmas tree

Silent night

Presents galore...

Lighted flowers

All things precious

All is bright!
The Japanese 'forget-the-year parties' called 'bonenkai'  are celebrated in December! 

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