Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monsoon Magic!

Every child and adult is amused and enthused to see the rain pattering away!

During our childhood days, the monsoon season seemed to last longer. This year the monsoon season started receding from August onwards…(Is this attributed to global warming.. I guess so!)

A couple of days back, I read a beautiful essay written by Ruskin Bond about the monsoon and about the essence of water. And thought of sharing some excerpts of this article with you as the monsoon season transitions to the winter season.

Raindrops prettily resting......
The Joy of Water (Author: Ruskin Bond)
Each drop represents a little bit of creation – and of life itself.
When the monsoon brings to northern India the first rains of summer, the parched earth opens its pores and quenches its thirst with a hiss of ecstasy. After baking in the sun for the last few months, the land looks cracked, dusty and tired. Now, almost overnight, new grass springs up, there is renewal everywhere, and the damp earth releases a fragrance sweeter than any devised by man.

Water brings joy to earth, grass, leaf-bud, blossom, insect, bird, animal and the pounding heart of man. Small children run out of their homes to romp naked in the rain. Buffaloes, which have spent the summer listlessly around lakes gone dry, now plunge into a heaven of muddy water. Soon the lakes and rivers will overflow with the monsoon’s generosity.

Be like water, taught Lao-tzu, philosopher and founder of Taoism. Soft and limpid, it finds its way through, over or under any obstacle. It does not quarrel; it simply moves on……