Monday, September 16, 2013

Ganeshnotsav - Festive fervor in Marcel

Last Wednesday, I visited some of the famous and the best Ganesh pandals in Goa. A visit to the six of the famous dekhawas (pandals wherein large idols of Ganesha are exhibited) of Marcel, which attracts a large number of crowds, was an enriching experience!

Each creative idol of Ganesha which was made meticulously, showcased the tremendous artistic talent of the youth.
Here is an overview of the various Greeen Ganesha’s various pandals we visited in Marcel:

The ecofriendly Ganesha made out of conunuts and various parts of coconut tree only, even the background fence !
1) Ravalnath Sanskritik Mandal made Ganesha of coconut tree and its parts only! A small quaint pandal, a true ecofriendly Ganesha.

2) Navelkar Bandhu Ganeshotsav Mandal – Sanjay Navelkar, Devulwada made a dekhawa (pandal with a huge Ganesha idol) of musical instruments. 8 ghumots (membranophone which is recognised as Goa's State instrument) – an important instrument during festivals have been used alongwith other musical instruments have been used to make a beautiful orange colored Ganesha. Unfortunately I could not take a photo of this idol, as photography was strictly prohibited at this pandal. However, I did get a glimpse of the Ganesh idols made by the creative duo Sanjay Navelkar and Sanjay Navelkar.

3) Shree Mallinath Sports and Kala Mandal depecited Ganesha as a playful Krishna surrounded with cows (made of paper) in serene surroundings.

Lord Ganesha depicted as Lord Krishna in Brindavan

4) Vithal Sanskrutik Mandal, Bazarwaddo- displayed an ecofrieondly, cotton Ganesha in the form of the famous saint Saibaba, in Dwarakamai, the place where Sai Baba lived. Last year this mandal had made a Ganesha of wax.

White Ganesha amidst the serene and austere surroundings.

5) Mashel Kala Premee – made a Ganesha in the form of toy entirely of cardboard. Besdies this one of the other attraction is a mega sky lamp – made with traditional winnow, which was placed at the entrance.

Ganesha depicted in the form of a toy.

The huge lantern made of Goan traditional winnow welcomes the devotees.

6) Sai Kala Mandal, Tariwaddo – creatively made Ashtavinayaka Ashtagandh, eight Ganapatis and the main Ganesha idol, from a variety of ashtagandh like such as sindhur, vermillion, turmeric and sandalwood powder in caves. Each of these eight Ganesha’s are depicted in caves.

Ashtagandh Ganesha's.

Be there to experience and admire the talent of artistic folks of Marcel !