Monday, November 12, 2012

Akash Diwa – Diwali lantern

The festive Diwali spirit is in the air. The local markets are flooded with sweets, lamps (diyas), firecrackers, gift articles, lanterns etc.

During Diwali, every Hindu household, even some of the shops, hang the traditional Akash diwa (hanging lanterns) outside in their balconies or in the facade. These colorful lanterns come in varied colors, shapes and sizes and are sold in local markets. Handmade of paper, plastic, cloth or bamboo, they bring out the best of talented artists.

A variety of Akash diwa's for sale at a busy street in Aquem, Margao, Goa

For sale at one of the local stalls

A new Lotus variety of lantern introduced this year

The traditional Akash diwa

Spreading light around...

Some more variants
Let light prevail over darkness !