Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tallest cathedral in India

St. Philomena's church, built in the honour of St. Philomena was constructed in 1936 using a Neo Gothic style and its architecture was inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It is the tallest cathedral in India and is located about three kilometers from Mysore city.

A small church at the same location was built in 1843 by Maharaja Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar which was later rebuilt on a larger scale.
It is also one of the oldest churches in India and is over 200 years old. The twin spires of this structure, soar upto 150 feet into the sky. The interior of this church looks immaculate due to its snowy white walls.
This church was designed by a Frenchman named Daly. The floor plan of the cathedral is in the form of a cross.

We were indeed awestruck by this imposing structure !

After spending some time admiring this beautiful church we proceeded towards Chamundeshwari temple.

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