Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Highest point in the Nilgiris

Early in the morning, after a heavy breakfast, experiencing the morning coolness and admiring the beautiful surroundings of Fern Hill, we set off for Dodabetta Peak. The Dodabetta lookout located on this peak, is the highest point (2633 metres) of the Nilgiris, and offers beautiful views across the surrounding peaks and plains. Located about 10 kilometres from the town, our bus had to navigate steep, serpentine and winding roads to reach this place.

As we walked towards the lookout point, it was like a fairytale land, the mist surrounded by dense vegetation around and the serene valleys below. It is indeed a wonderful experience, soaking in the entire landscape of green valleys below, from this point.

The name Doddabetta is derived from two Kannada words; ‘Dodda’ and ‘Betta’, which means ‘Big Mountain’.
A telescope house has been installed on this peak in the year 1983, with two telescopes to enable tourists to get a bird’s eye view of the whole district.

We did not want to leave this beautiful, scenic place, but then had to proceed to our next destination, Sim’s Park.

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