Friday, February 26, 2016

Museum of Bread Culture, Ulm - Part 2

The museum is dived into 2 main sections:

a)  From grain to bread on the first floor: The 6000 year history of bread begins with the growing cereals. Various aspects of cereal cultivation are portrayed in the some of the outstanding works of art.

b)  Man and bread on the second floor: Bread is a symbol of life – is of vital importance to human existence, culture and civilization! The image of bread is central to Judaeo Christian faith, a fact which becomes evident by valuable paintings and illustrations of scenes from the Old and New Testaments. And also by the ceremonial objects used in the observance of the Sabbath and Passah. They show how methods of bread making have changed through the ages and illustrate the social and cultural history of bread.

Other various interrelated topics covered are: Millers and bakers guilds in Ulm; lack of bread – harvest failure and famine and bread in art –bread related paintings and sculptures. 

The various exhibits and paintings related to bread

Symbol of Bakers Guild


School kids excited to visit the museum

Cereals used to make bread

Old age machines

The hold dinner

The last meal

Posters from war times

Bread coupons during the war times

Bread ration coupons
 The opening hours of the museum are from 10 am to 5 pm. Guided tours in English can be arranged by prior appointment.

Here is the address:
Museum of Bread Culture,
Salzstadelgasse 10
89073 Ulm, Germany

Reference: The bread museum brochure and

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