Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Every day, at bedtime, my daughter invariably wants me to read the story of ‘Cinderella’to her. She loves it!

She is a huge fan of Disney princesses (an avid collector of all sorts of Disney princesses merchandise), her favorite one, being ‘Cinderella’. Thus, I decided to treat her to the real ‘Cinderella’ movie, which was launched recently in India! An excuse to treat myself too….

My princess!

Thus, I took her to watch this movie alongwith her friends, last weekend.

The 'lil' gang

And lo, this was our first visit to the ‘Inox’ theater in Margao, which is the second multiplex in Goa, the first one is located in Panaji. We were lucky that this mutiplex was inaugurated, last month on March 31, 2015. Thanks, to its new location – now Margao movie watchers like us, can enjoy some good movies which are screened only at multiplexes. Or else, we would had  to travel for quite some time, navigating our way through Panaji traffic.

I loved every bit of the movie, especially the Victorian style - Cinderella’s house and the beautiful surroundings. However, my daughter felt that the animated version of the ‘Cinderella’ was better, as the characters seemed to be more beautiful. I guess perception matters!

The message I carried back with me from the movie was the advice Cinderella’s mother gave her. ‘Have courage and be kind’! And occasionally believe in magic!! This is a very powerful message and I truly believe in it.

On returning home, my daughter, Shreya asked me: what is magic? I tried to give all sorts of weird answers, like, how I was helped by a stranger etc. She pointed out that this was kindness. Magic is: you, yourself, your body! How very true. Children have a way to simplify!

My message to all the ‘lil girls and all the women is: go and watch the ‘Cinderella’ movie – to experience and relive the childhood fairy tale!

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Wolfgang Von Goethe