Friday, June 20, 2014

Gross Happiness Index

As put forward by David Ferris, the notion of Gross National Happiness came about in the 1970s as the insular Himalayan nation was beginning to open itself to the outside world. The king, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, examined the global economy’s yardstick of Gross National Product and found it wanting. Many in the West are intrigued by a new lens that looks past manufacturing and productivity data and asks deeper questions about the pursuit of happiness.

A study from Britain's University of Leicester examined a range of statistical data to devise a ranking of the world's happiest nations. And the Top 12 happy nations are listed below.

World’s Happiest Countries:
                  1.     Denmark
2.     Switzerland
3.     Austria
4.     Iceland
5.     Bahamas
6.     Finland
7.     Sweden
8.     Bhutan
9.     Brunei

To showcase Bhutan, Ben Henretig, has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to turn his footage into a full-length documentary called “The Happiest Place.”  He wants the film to go to Sundance, expose us to landscapes, few have seen, and show us what a nation of happy people actually looks like!

Take a look at it….. and Be Happy!

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