Saturday, April 12, 2014

Election Season 2014

The indelible ink marked on the index finger of each voter (here my husband and me) who has voted.
 The election fervor is in the air. The newspapers are filled with news about netas (political party leaders) and their varied stories….

Elections have started in some states in India. Today was the election day in Goa. All the polling arrangements have been very well done, ensuring that there is a nearest polling station in every ward (sub locality)

My husband I casted our votes and all this was hassle free – it just took us 10 minutes to complete the voting.

I read an interesting article in today’s, Times of India about poll symbols and would like to share an excerpt with all of you:

‘The EC (Election Commission) commissioned 87 free symbols by designers, whose only brief was to pick from everyday objects for easy recognition and recall….

The most common are the cot, the cup and saucer, the autorichshaw, coconut, candles and whistle’

Not easy to make a choice!

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