Sunday, August 26, 2012

Largest Utility employer in the world !

With a mammoth railway network, across India, around 1.6 million people work for the Indian railways !

Here are 10 interesting facts about Indian Railways:

1) The oldest working steam locomotive in the world is the Fairy Queen

2) The first train ran from Bori Bunder, in Mumbai to Thane on April 16, 1853.

3) There are about 116,000 bridges of all types in the route of Indian Railways, which accounts to an average of two bridges per kilometer.

4) Howrah is the largest and the busiest station of the Indian Railways catering daily, to around 490 trains.

5) Indian railways carries around 18 million passengers, daily and around 2 million tones of freight, everyday (equal to carrying 350,000 elephants everyday !)

6) The total track length of the Indian Railways is 63327 kilometres. If these were laid end to end, it would go round the world – three times !

7) Nearly 11,000 trains, run in India, everyday, connecting around 7,000 stations.

8) The longest railway platform in India is at Kharagpur

9) The railway station with the shortest name in India is ‘Ib’, near Jharsuguda on the Howrah-Nagpur main line.

10) The longest station name is ‘Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta’, which lies along the Arakkonam- Renigunta rail route.

Shivalik Express - connecting Kalka and Shimla

More information about the UNESCO World heritage sites of the Indian Railways, railway stations and heritage trains.

The nostalgic childhood memories of long and relaxing train trips during my summer vacations with my family, will always be remembered and cherished !