Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World's Richest Temple !

The ancient and sacred, gold-gilded temple of Sri Venkateswara is located on the seventh peak, Venkatachala of the Tirupati Hill, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, is the richest temple in the world !

The temple is visited by about 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims daily, while on special occasions and festivals, like the annual Brahmotsavam, the number of pilgrims shoots up to 500,000, making it one of the most visited holy place in the world.

We, my husband, daughter and I, visited this temple in March 2007, as we wanted to visit the Lord and take his blessings coupled with the fact that we wanted take our daughter auspicious haircut to this place too (It is considered auspicious, if a child has a haircut (complete tonsure) here at Tirupathi, before the attaining one year of age, or after 3 years of age)

The temple, was well lighted on the occasssion of Ugadi, the Telugu New Year,celebrated in March, in Andhra Pradesh. We attended the Shastradeepa Alankara puja (Thousand lamps puja - ceremony to praise the Lord) which starts at around 5.30 pm at Tirupathi, wherein the deities are carried outside the temple and puja is performed. The main deity resides in the sanctum sanctorum, situated in the main temple complex of Tirumala.

Each time I visit this temple I am mystified and awestruck by a strong divine force on seeing the huge idol of the Lord of the Seven Hills. Each time I was allowed (due to the large influx of devotees waiting in long queues, patiently for the Lord's darshan) to see the Lord's statue for only about a minute, but that instance, I was overwhelmed with immense satisfaction on seeing the Almighty ! But upon leaving this temple, instantly I feel the strong urge to see the Lord, one more time. I guess, this is reason, why so many people visit this temple again and again. One has to visit this temple again and again !
Govinda Hare Govinda !!

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