Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bags of love – for the planet!

What’s new about canvas and cloth bags? Apart from the fact that I adore them, these are currently in vogue for many reasons. I remember many years back, when I was a kid, using cloth bags was considered out of fashion and I used to refrain from using these bags.

However, I also remember during my childhood days (on my way back from school) seeing some Banjara women making colorful cloth bags with embroidered flowers and ruffles. I used to always admire those beautiful handcrafted bags…..Wish I could get one of such a creation!

My love for fabric bags continues…. I simply love the fact that these are environment friendly, reusable and a worthy investment for a small price. I am sure some of my relatives and friends have been amused to receive a cloth bag as a gift from me. Well, these are indeed green gifts!
A cloth bag which I picked up at the local grocery store - Seijo Ishii (there are a chain of such grocery stores across Japan) in Nagoya, Japan.

What are the main advantages of using a cloth bag?

-         - Environmental Friendliness
Propylene plastic bags are made from fossil fuels. The process used to create plastic releases contaminant byproducts into the atmosphere. And the main disadvantage is that plastics do not biodegrade for a very long time – around hundreds of years!
Cotton, hemp or jute are made of renewable natural fibers.  Thus cloth bags are biodegradable.

 -  Strength: Cloth bags are more durable than plastic and paper bags. Thus they can be used over a long period of time.

  - Style: These come in a lot of designs and sizes to match your budget and your personal style. Unlike the plastic bags, most of which are transparent, these come in a lot of colors and hues. Make your style statement!
Thus cloth bags are Viable, Fashionable, Recyclable and Economical! 
You agree!

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